Are you worried about your vehicle insurance revenue breaking away? If you want to know what is coming from a latest technology point of view, you want to get access to our anonymised AV testing data. These rich data sets will give your actuaries leading edge input into modelling the future of vehicle insurance, based on true data, not consultants forecasts.


According to McKinsey by 2030 there will be 60% less accidents on roads. This will have a significant impact on the vehicle insurance business model.

“With driverless vehicles, auto insurers might shift the core of their business model, focusing mainly on insuring car manufacturers from liabilities from technical failure of their AVs, as opposed to protecting private customers from risks associated with human error in accidents. This change could transform the insurance industry from its current focus on millions of private consumers to one that involves a few OEMs and infrastructure operators, similar to insurance for cruise lines and shipping companies.”



Source: Deloitte – AV impact on insurance business model (2016)

N3T can assist to future proof your business based on the world’s best AV intelligence data services including data on latest AV developments in real world tests. All our data is anonymised and across a wide set of vehicle types, road conditions and technologies.


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