Policy Makers

Is your Transport Minister asking you what to do with these crazy autonomous vehicles on public roads? Are your stakeholder groups pushing you to come up with innovative AV policies without throttling your local automotive industry?

Don’t look further, N3T can offer you anonymised, live data from the world’s most comprehensive heavy commercial vehicle testing provider in the Southern Hemisphere. This data will inform you on key use cases with different vehicles types in  huge variety of weather, visibility, road and load conditions. We can also blend data according to your requirements. This could include in-depth driver monitoring, high resolution weather forecasting based on a substantial network of live sensors on vehicles, in the road and next to the road.


Source: Fraunhofer on US AV Policy Development Frameworks (2016)


N3T collects huge amounts of statistically significant data on private and public roads. This anonomyised data can be used to develop better autonomous vehicle policy frameworks and governmental strategies.

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