About N3T

N3T is a subsidiary of the Northland Innovation Centre. We started in 2015 with the vision to develop technology to save lives on rural roads. Our focus was and still is on heavy commercial vehicles (HCV). In New Zealand (NZ) that means 23 m long truck & trailer units with over 30 ton of loads and a gross weight of up to 55 ton.

Development of N3T Road Inspector

We started building the N3T Black Box (comparable to a black box in airplanes) to determine what happened before a crash. We then developed this technology into a full blown data logger with many smart sensors. This device resulted in the N3T Road Inspector.  

The N3T Road Inspector can detect road defects to an accuracy of a centimetre. Our technology is hosted as payload on vehicles travelling the roads to be inspected, as part of their daily job.


Road defects are a function of pressure on the road and moisture in the substrate underneath the road surface. Essentially road defects are an erosion problem.


Development of N3T Roadside Unit (RSU)

To correlate our road load, usage data, we built the N3T Roadside Unit. The RSU is monitoring the weather, visibility and road conditions along rural roads. Together with smart neural networks and data analytics algorithms we are able to predict road conditions and recommend safe driving speeds to drivers.


With our N3T Alert technology we can send audio alerts to any participating vehicle via a SmartPhone app, to a variable message sign (VMS) along the road, or in-road lights are warning any road user visually of the localised danger.


Our Team

We have a very capable and committed team of researchers, full stack developers, hardware engineers, embedded system developers, road safety engineers.


Our team works with our partners and leading edge researchers at

  • AUT (Auckland University of Technology)
  • DLR (German Aerospace, 8,500 staff in 20 locations, € 3 billion budget)
  • ZF-IBEO (fourth biggest global automotive supplier, 140,000 staff in 230 production sites in 20 countries,  € 37 billion revenue)
  • KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
  • MIT – GSSI (Boston, USA).


We have published our research with the above partners in leading, peer reviewed journals and presented at national and international conferences.

In May 2019 our core team was 15 people strong and operating in four countries. The team is led by the two founders, Martin Knoche (Chief Executive Officer) and John Houlker ( Chief Research Officer).


Job Openings

We are looking for further talent, preferably in Northland: Full stack developer, UX Designer, Visualisation Wizard, Computer Vision Specialist, Dev Ops.


Please contact us with your brief cv/ LinkedIn profile, github commits, stackoverflow Q&A trail, reference projects and your questions for us.