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Conferences, Events and Presentations 

N3T is the key sponsor of the Northland Tech Cluster and Vision-Zero in Whangarei

Move Whangarei – AV Shuttles, 17. April 2019 to WDC, Whangarei.IEEE I-Span Conference, 16-18. October 2018, Yichang, China.

NetHui on Federated Data, 16. October, Invercargill (from 46′ to 1:06′)Freight Future Conference, 27-28. August Auckland

REAAA road show, Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington, Dunedin, July 2018.Whangarei’s First EV/AV Symposium, 28. May 2018

Institute of Road Transport Engineers of NZ, 27. April 2018