N3T Products

N3T has developed a suite of products aimed at supporting road safety and preventative road maintenance.

  • N3T Vehicle Counter– detects, classifies & track vehicles in 14 NZ Vehicle Classes.
  • N3T Road Inspector – detects road defects in real time to centimeter accuracy.
  • N3T Roadside Unit – monitors weather, visibility and road conditions in real time
  • N3T Alert – a SmartPhone App which detects road defects and sends alerts to any rural road driver 
  • N3T Black Box – in case of a crash notifies the vehicle operator with latest telematic information
  • N3T Digital Twin – allows for digital testing on real world NZ rural roads (in Alpha Testing)


Fig: Vehicle Detection & Segmentation (TomTom, Here, N3T)

Please contact our sales team to learn more about these solutions and to make an appointment for a non obligation demonstration on your roads.